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My Brother's Wedding

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First off, an apology and explanation for why it's been so long since I've updated my blog. I have been faithfully working on my task of at least one touristy thing a month (actually 2 in November!) but due to a number of factors, laziness being up at the top of the list, I haven't finished writing the blog so that I can publish it.

For two weeks in October, I got to leave behind the teeming metropolis of Shanghai to go back to my hometown of Kernersville, North Carolina. Although both Shanghai and Kernersville experience the same extremes of temperature and high humidity, I've noticed in recent years that hot weather comes later to Shanghai than Kernersville and the same holds true for cold weather. While Shanghai's weather was still pleasant enough that you could get by with just one light layer of clothing, Kernersville was experiencing distinctly cooler temperatures, especially in early morning and then after sunset. In the meantime, the trees were clothed in the finest colors that fall offers. I found out that just a few days after I left America, rains and strong winds effectively stripped the trees of their leaves, so I happened to be home at the best time for viewing the autumn colors.

I spent the bulk of my time in the States either trying to see as many friends and family as possible, or buying clothes and other things that I can't seem to find in China (but that were actually made here!). Therefore, I feel that I completely squandered a lot of opportunities for taking pictures just down the road from my parents' house and even in their own backyard! I should have done there what I do here at least once a month - load up my camera and associated equipment and start walking around, snapping as many pictures as my 8GB SD card will hold (which is a lot!).

Since I missed the opportunity in America, I would try to take advantage of it here in Shanghai instead, but the amazing colors are just not here. Obviously there aren't as many trees in a huge city as there are in a rural town, but I can't recall seeing the variety of colors in the leaves here either. Shanghai's streets are typically lined with plane trees, which seem to shed their leaves without going through all of the dramatic color changes. I guess I need to plan my next trip home for the fall as well so I can make up for this time.

Well, the reason for my trip home was that my one and only sibling was getting married. As of today, it's a done deal - he's been a happily married man for more than a month now. Without further ado, here are some pictures from home.


This tree is in Old Salem, a historic part of Winston-Salem. It is also just up the street from my alma mater, Salem College.


This fountain is between the humanities and science buildings on campus at Salem.


I only lived on campus one year, due to Salem being about 15 minutes from my parents' house (and expensive, since it's a private school). This was my dorm, Bitting. My room was on the third floor on the other side of the building.


Lehman Hall used to be the infirmary, but at some point since my student days it has become another dorm.


Blum Street looked beautiful and very well-shaded. It's just down Church Street from Salem's library.


A view of Main Street looking north.


The enclosed lawn is Salem Square. Salem's Main Hall (that's its name, "Main Hall") is directly behind it. You can see the church on the left, beside Main Hall.


Finally, some pictures from the event that took me home in the first place. This is my niece Helen, who was also the flower girl


My brother waits with his friends and Doug (our minister from our childhood years) for his beautiful bride Kristi to walk down the aisle.


Helen is so tall, it's hard to believe she's only five and a half years old! She's standing next to one of the bridesmaids, Kristi's sister Stephanie.


First kiss as husband and wife.


I love this picture because they both look so incredibly happy! I wish I could find someone who makes me look just as ecstatic.




Husband and wife's first dance


The groom and groom's mother (hey, my mom too!) dance.


Cutting the cake - each layer was a different flavor. I think the top layer was chocolate, so I was resigned to not having any, but happily the lowest layer was vanilla. I know I'm strange, though quirky sounds like a nicer description: I like chocolate candy bars and brownies, but I don't like chocolate cake or chocolate icing and I HATE Oreo cookies. Some people have accused me of being un-American when they hear that, but as far as I know, my brother doesn't like Oreos other.

I feel like I should quit while I'm ahead. I've finally finished writing descriptions of all the pictures and rather than think of how to phrase any other thoughts from my trip home, I'm going to publish this blog. I may feel the need to revise things later, but finally, I'm done. Sorry again, but thanks for your patience in waiting!

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